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Withstanding Hope

We hope this finds you well and healthy. We are happy to report that our ministry continues to run and that God has provided new ways for us to embody Christ in our city! We are so grateful and offer this reflection of April at Envision El Salvador.

As a general and brief update concerning the status of COVID-19 regulations in El Salvador, we remain in house-quarantine with the exception of those working in essential occupations. This means that we, as a ministry, are not yet physically meeting at this time.

What this also means is that we have continued our daily staff prayer meetings, and are making good use of available media platforms to serve our La Fuente youth. We praise God, because He is faithful and active in this mission - even when the current landscape is full of uncertainty. So, with gratitude, we’d like to share a bit more detail about how our ministry is currently taking shape.

La Fuente

Shortly after our program ceased to gather, our staff individually created short videos that shared scripture and encouragement. These videos were sent throughout the initial week of quarantine through phone messaging. Our goal was to share the source of refuge and stability when so much was changing for our kids; to offer encouragement and maintain a thread of connectivity with them.

We then transitioned to a rotational system in order to connect more personally with our teens. Every week, each staff member reaches out to a few of the youth who are currently part of our program, and the following week contacts a new set. This has ensured well rounded and consistent communication, and allows us to know how we can best pray for them; a big blessing!

Some of our staff in conjunction with our partner university tutors continue to support our kids academically via video calls. We are grateful for their diligence and commitment (on both sides)! As well as tending to their educational lives, we’ve launched a private Facebook group for the kids in the program intended to feed their spiritual well being. This has served as both a chance to continue devotionals and worship, but also to bring Jesus’s light onto the newsfeeds of our teens! Help us pray that God would bless these efforts.

Our site has been blessed with the opportunity to directly assist 80 families, including those of the La Fuente youth, with food support during the quarantine. Financial donations from CAMA, the relief branch of the C&MA, and from individual donors have allowed us to put together and distribute baskets of food and other essentials in various neighbourhoods throughout San Salvador. Praise God!! Our team is incredibly thankful, and we have no doubt that our God is moving.

La Fuente Apopa

Development of the La Fuente program in Apopa is underway! Every 2 weeks, a leadership team of our staff hosts an online meeting with the pastor from the Apopa Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. This new site will reach younger children and hopes to bring forth the La Fuente mission and structure. While we are not able to work directly with the kids during the quarantine, we are in an ideal situation to develop thorough groundwork for the program. Pray with us for wisdom during this stage!


This past month we said "see ya soon" to our resident, Anjolenna. For the past two years, Anjo was tasked with our site's communications, and also taught English, shared devotionals, translated, and took pictures, among other things. She developed many close relationships with our La Fuente teens and strived to disciple our girls in their walks with Christ. We are thankful for her service and celebrate her heart for this ministry! Because of the current situation, Anjolenna made the decision to stay in El Salvador. She will continue to work with our site part time as a volunteer until she starts her new position in July as an English teacher and college counselor at a local school here in San Salvador. Join us as we pray for Anjolenna during this time of transition, rest and preparation!

We also said farewell to our intern Chance. After much thoughtful consideration and prayer, Chance returned to Montana to reunite with his family. We are so grateful for him and his desire to come serve alongside Envision El Salvador. Although his time was shortened, we have no doubt that his duration was blessed! In his time here he practiced soccer with the guys, led worship, participated in some of the English classes, and undertook the much needed project of making our sports room accessible. Thank you, Chance! Please join us in prayer for him as he

continues his transition in Montana!

For the time being, due to the emergency state, we will most likely not be receiving our summer interns this season. We would plan to reschedule their internships for either later in this year or next summer. Please pray that they’d receive peace in their hearts, and that this would be a time in their lives of deepened trust in the Lord.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our La Fuente youth. Pray that during this physical time away from our ministry, God would stir their hearts for a desire to seek Him and would provide space for a more intimate relationship with Him. Please pray that God’s protection and provision would cover their families. Pray for their studies and for any other need in their life; that they might experience strength and peace in Jesus.

  • Pray for our ministry - that our site may be sustained in all ways during this unprecedented time. Please pray for wisdom as decisions are made and changes come our way. Pray for God’s discernment as Tony manages the site’s funds, and pray that our efforts to continue ministering (even at a distance) might be blessed.

  • Finally, please pray for our staff and interns. Please pray that we and our families would be protected during this pandemic. Pray that we’d keep our hearts anchored in the steadfastness of the Lord, and that we’d be directed by the Spirit in all that we do.

We know that nothing comes of surprise to our all knowing God, and we trust in His perfect timing. Thank you for your time, for your generosity, and for your prayer. We are so blessed by this family and withstanding hope we have in the Father!

In Him,

Envision El Salvador

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