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Opening doors in 2017

1 student,

Class of 2018

Our scholarship program was born out of the desire to provide our students with a better education, which would in turn open more doors for the students and their families. Many of our La Fuente students go to government funded institutions and have very little hopes of going on to university or even finishing high school. 

In 2016, we began making and selling jewelry featuring Envision coffee beans. Because of God's grace and our sales along with support from churches and individuals in the United States, we were able to award our first high school scholarship in 2016 to a young girl in the La Fuente program. She attended Escuela Cristiana Maranatha, a local private Christian school, and went on to graduate in 2018. 

The Envision scholarship covers all costs of materials, fees and tuition, with the hopes of alleviating any and all financial burden from the student's family. 

Blessing more in 2020

3 students,

Class of 2020

4 students,

Class of 2021

Because of the Lord's most perfect provision, we awarded three more scholarships in 2018 to students who might not have been able to continue their high school education. In 2019, our students were recognized for their artistic expression, spiritual testimony and collaboration. They are expected to graduate in 2020. 

In 2019, our resources grew once more as people and churches teamed up with our site to bring hope to even more students.

That year, we awarded scholarships to four La Fuente students, and we currently have seven students representing La Fuente while enrolled at Escuela Cristiana Maranatha.

In addition to providing for their high school studies, Envision recently partnered up with a local English academy that equips students for jobs in call centers. Thanks to God's great faithfulness, our three students in their final year of high school were offered scholarships to study English five days per week at English4CallCenters. This scholarship will allow them to train for well-paying future jobs that can bless them and their families.

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