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A Place to Encounter Christ

Daily Devotionals

Youth Group Service

Bible Studies


Spiritual Retreats

The La Fuente program is rooted in John 7:37 when Jesus tells His disciples, "Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink."La Fuente is an after-school program under Envision El Salvador that is dedicated to youth and students at public and private schools. ▸ Focused on fostering spiritual and moral values, education and sports, and raising their expectations to succeed in life. ▸ We hope that in this way, we can break the cycle of social injustice, poverty, violence and crime in the youth.

One of the most important aspects of the La Fuente program is how we invest in the spiritual lives of our teens. Our staff strives to create a place where our La Fuente teens can encounter the Father's love and hope. We offer our students daily devotionals and time of worship, Bible studies, a weekly youth group service and opportunities for one-on-one discipleship with our staff. We trust that God is working in each and every one of our students, and that as they come to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, He will use them to bless and transform their families and communities for His glory.

Preparing Students for Success

Math tutoring

English classes

Homework help

Access to computers and printers

At La Fuente we value the education of our students and work to provide them with all the tools necessary to succeed in their classes. As a result of a partnership we have with a local university, we have student volunteers who come and tutor our teens in math and computer skills. We also have interns and residents year-round from the US who take time to teach interactive English classes to supplement and reinforce what they're already learning at school. Finally, we have put together a fully-equipped computer lab in which our students can research and type up homework assignments and print them out, free of charge.

We recognize that many students would not have access to these resources and one-on-one teaching help, and we praise God that He has provided us with everything we need to support our teens in their education. 


In order to further set up our students for success, we also offer a handful of scholarships to a private, Christian high school and facilitate an online high school program sponsored by the Salvadoran government. Check out our scholarships and online high school pages to learn more! 

Developing New Skills

Vocational skills classes

University partnerships​

We like to take every opportunity to introduce our students to vocational and life skills that might help them find better jobs or learn to take care of their families. Thanks to our partnerships with short-term missions groups and interns, our students have taken English, art, and music workshops, among other subjects. These are spaces in which students can discover and develop their own skills and talents, which we believe will open up so many more opportunities.

We have also connected with a team from a local university who is dedicated to offering an interactive workshop in which our teens can learn about and explore important social themes such as interpersonal relationships, fears, emotions and violence. We hope that our students can emerge from our program as informed, integral men and women.

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