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Healthy, Disciplined Competition

Weekly Practices and Devotionals

La Fuente FC strives to provide their players with a space for deep personal and athletic growth. Since its founding, the team has aimed to keep the boys of the La Fuente program involved in physical activity, while also teaching them about healthy competition and achieving their goals for the glory of God. La Fuente FC players value respect, teamwork, discipline, perseverance and love of the sport.


Drawing from their time in the La Fuente program, our players have pursued opportunities to serve those around them. On one occasion, they shared a bit of Jesus' love and a meal with some workers at a nearby intersection. Since this encounter, they have scrimmaged with these men at the local soccer field.

La Fuente FC has placed in several tournaments sponsored by the National Police in the past. Most recently, they were knocked out in the quarter finals in a Sunday evenings tournament at a local soccer complex.

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