A Second Chance

Four students,

Class of 2021

The Envision Online High School program was officially launched in January 2020 after we noticed a trend in students not completing their high school education. Many of them were facing challenges at home or chose to work rather than attend a public institution. For others, the traditional classroom wasn't a good fit, and they had very few alternatives (and motivation) to complete their studies. The Lord put it in our hearts to provide these students with a second chance to succeed in high school.

Our online program is a government-approved high school curriculum moderated and administrated by a local university. We strive to provide a learning environment that is conducive to growth and development in our students. We have a computer lab with a reliable internet connection and a tutor who coaches our students and keeps them accountable for their work, in addition to encouraging them when it gets tough.

In addition to providing for their high school studies, Envision recently partnered up with a local English academy that equips students for jobs in call centers. Thanks to God's great faithfulness, our four students were offered scholarships to study English on the weekends at English4CallCenters. This scholarship will allow them to train for well-paying future jobs that can bless them and their families.