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Hello, valued friend of Envision El Salvador. We are officially in full swing. Our La Fuente programs have been running for two months, La Fuente Football Club is preparing for its upcoming tournaments, and our staff is preparing for the 2024 summer group season.

La Fuente

La Fuente exists to transform kids' lives through God's Word, sport, and fellowship. Recently students gathered with our program directors to debrief the month of April. Several students in San Salvador were able to share stories of triumph both academically and in their personal lives. A major highlight was a story from 2 students who were able to reconcile a broken friendship between themselves. In Apopa students have been working through a discipleship worksbook with local members of the CMA church there. One student accepted Christ last month and several are taking steps to get baptized next month.

Scholarship Program

We are extremely proud of our two BECA students, Mauriso and Christopher. Both have started the year off strong academically. Both are working outside of school to finish their needed community service hours for graduation. We are excited to see where these students will go, as their current scholarships serve as a window to a more optimistic future for these students.


La Fuente Football Club now consists of three unique subprojects. A Futsal team in Colonia Dalores (San Salvador), and two 11v11 teams in Apopa. The Futsal team is currently in the early stages of development. Milton and Sam have been spending time each week in the neighborhood community center playing pick-up games to get to know the students.

LFFC in Apopa has two teams. An under-18 team that has started their season off strong with a 2-0 start to the season. The "Alpha" team is currently in the preparation stages for the upcoming season.


We are just around the corner from our 2024 group season. The local staff here at Envision is working hard to partner with group leaders to finalize mission trip plans. We look forward to receiving the various groups coming to serve alongside us this summer. For questions about groups, please email our site associate Laura:

Construction Project

While progress has been made on the future Envision Guest House, there is still much work needed. We currently have a large financial need. Please reach out to Sam to learn how you or youre church can financially support this project:


The Escalante Family is still in Colorado Springs looking forward to coming back to El Salvador this summer to spend our team's season here. Diego and Raquel are having a great time at their respective schools and are ready to finish and be able to come and spend time with the family here. Please continue to pray for financial support (which is very needed) and wisdom to continue to provide good leadership to our site. If you feel led to support the Escalantes use this direct link please:

Prayer Requests

  • Our biggest request, as always, is for the souls of the students. Please pray that they will fully surrender to Jesus.

  • Pray for the students to apply themselves in their studies and leverage the help offered at La Fuente.

  • Pray for the Envision staff to receive strength and energy to keep serving these kids.

  • The process of registering the La Fuente FC team in the semi-professional league.

  • For Laura and the teams as they prepare for another year of short-term mission trips.

  • For funds to finish the Envision Guest House.

  • Pray that Tony and his family need funds to keep serving with Envision El Salvador.

  • For Mauricio and Christopher to continue strong in their studies.

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