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Holding God to His Promises

1 Kings 17:14 says "For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: There will always be flour and olive oil left in your containers until the time when the Lord sends rain and the crops grow again!”

As a site we have seen the Lord remain faithful to His promises and we know that He will continue to do so in this season.

Our Site

We are now halfway through our year of abiding. Last week our staff took some time to contemplate what abiding has meant for them, and it was clear that God has been on the move in our staff's and teens' lives. We're seeing some of the fruit that He has promised us in John 15.

Our biggest news from our site is that Laura Rodriguez has been approved to come back as a Site Associate. We are overjoyed at how the Lord has been faithful to her and to our site, and we hope to have her back with us in the next year! Help us to pray for her and her preparation processes.


La Fuente

God has been at work in our teens' lives. Several of our youth group services have led to powerful times of prayer and worship during which several teens have given their lives to Christ. We have seen how God has touched even the hardest hearts of our teens and has turned them into hearts of flesh. The Lord is faithful and sends rain for the crops to grow!

We are excited to share that Global Alimentos, a local food company, has decided to partner with us and donate large amounts of cornflour (for making homemade tortillas), rice, oatmeal and oil for La Fuente. We are beyond grateful for this blessing! Praise God for this enormous provision and response to prayer!

Our two residents, with the help of Gloria, have launched a new Bible study for the girls around the parables that Jesus told. Their hope is that the girls can engage with each story and take home a lesson each week that they can apply to their lives. Join us in praying for their time every Wednesday afternoon.

Tony is continuing his Bible study with several of the boys who have accepted Christ, with the help of Allen, our intern. They are learning about the authority of the Word, and asking questions about the character of God. Pray that the Lord would give Tony the wisdom to answer whatever questions that come up.


The Mavericks hold a 3-0 record this season, blowing away each of their opponents. Coach Mario has started a Bible study with the girls and we ask you to be praying for each of the girls, who face countless challenges in their homes and communities. Pray that the Lord would give Mario wisdom on how to invest in this time of vulnerability and truth with the girls.

La Fuente FC

Our boys in La Fuente FC have had a tough season playing against full-grown adults, but each game our boys get stronger and grow closer together. Pray that they wouldn't lose heart and that they would always find their identity in Christ, and not in their performance. Check out the new video our intern Allen created for the team!


We'd like to introduce you to Peter Hite, our newest male intern, coming all the way from Wisconsin. He has been getting involved with La Fuente and helping with lots of projects around Wired. Welcome Peter!

We have one more intern coming this summer, called Jacob. He'll be arriving in early July and will stay with us for three months. Help us in praying for him as he fundraises and prepares to come to this country.

We have an intern couple that feels strongly called to come and serve at our ministry for one year! Lord willing, they will be helping to build up a new La Fuente-type program in partnership with the CMA church in Apopa. Help us to pray for their process with Envision and with fundraising. We praise God for their lives and for how He has laid this country on their hearts.

Prayer requests

  • Help us to pray for the salvation of our La Fuente teens. They all recognize why they are part of the program. They know that Jesus loves and chose them. They hesitate to let Him change their lives. Pray that the Lord would give them boldness to accept His salvation. That it wouldn't just be a decision made in the moment, but that it would be a decision that has ripple effects in their homes and communities.

  • Pray for all the groups that will be joining us this summer. Our next group arrives at the end of June. Pray that the Lord would go ahead of them and prepare the hearts of the people they will meet here. Pray that all the projects and activities will glorify His name. Pray that the Lord would also work in the group members' hearts, drawing them closer to Him.

  • Pray for our staff as we go into the busy group season. Pray for good, deep times of rest and for unity as a team. Pray also for quality time spent with friends and family when they are not at Wired, especially for our Salvadoran staff members.

  • Pray for Tony and his family. His wife, Claudia and their two children have recently been sick. Pray for healing from all sickness, and for peace in their hearts and minds as they move forward depending on the Lord.

We give all the glory, all the honor and all the praise to the Lord, and we thank all you faithful partners in ministry for encouraging us, praying for us and supporting us in our ministry!

In Him,

Envision El Salvador

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