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His big plans are unfolding...

We are back once again with our monthly post! It's not quite Thanksgiving, but we'd like to take a moment to tell you how thankful we are for all of you!! So many of you have prayed for us, come to our site and financially partner with us, and it brings us so much joy to see what God has done and is doing through all of you! Thank you for being a part of this team!

The year is winding down here, and all of our teens are now out of school for the year. Salvadoran schools operate on the calendar year, so their "summer" vacation runs from mid-November to mid-January. We're excited to spend more time in La Fuente hanging out, learning English, building relationships and living out the Gospel!

Our rock stars Tony and Laura are still on tour in the US, and we ask you to continue to pray for them! Tony is looking for 75 people or families to sponsor our La Fuente teens for next year. God has been so faithful, and we know He is going with Tony to every new city and church.

Laura is looking for financial and prayer partners so she can come join us as Site Associate. Pray that the Lord would speak through her and provide the right people to partner with her in ministry.


La Fuente

As we said, the school year is coming to a close, and we have 8 current La Fuente teens graduating 9th grade. We have 9 more students who don't come to La Fuente anymore, but are graduating 9th grade, and one more who is graduating high school! Our La Fuente family extends to 7 different schools, and we are so excited (and relieved) that they all passed and can go on to high school!

In our next post, we will have the privilege of sharing with you the newest recipients of the La Fuente high school scholarship, which allows students to go on to study for two years at a private, Christian school. We're waiting to finalize all the details, but stay tuned on our social media for that announcement, or check back here next month!

In these last few weeks of La Fuente, we hope to offer our teens more life skills classes and opportunities, so please pray for us to be organized and to use the time effectively.

We are excited to announce that next year we are launching a new addition to our ministry, which will help students succeed in high school. We are partnering with the Salvadoran government and a local university to offer a free 2-yr online high school to students who are 18 years or older, and who have a desire to get their high school diploma. Our first class of 3-5 students will soon go to enroll themselves in this rigorous program, which we will host at our site. This is a huge commitment for these students, most of whom have stopped studying for many different reasons, but we know God has big plans. We are offering them this opportunity, in the hopes of seeing capable, bilingual graduates in two years, who are able to work at a call center or go on to university.


By the grace of God, the Mavericks have finished off the season, undefeated and undisputed champions. They are the first female team to ever win the championship two years in a row, and to win it after a perfect, undefeated season. We are so proud of the girls and Coach Mario for this huge accomplishment. We know that they play for the Lord, and we give Him all the glory!

The team has started collecting toy donations for their annual toy drive. This year they hope to share toys with kids in a nearby neighborhood, and also with the children in Apopa. Pray that they would collect all the toys necessary, and that their acts of generosity would plant seeds and bring the hope of Christ to these communities.

La Fuente FC

Our La Fuente boys recently played a soccer game with the guys who sell products and services at the intersection near Wired, it was a close game, but La Fuente FC walked away with a victory! Help us to pray for more opportunities for outreach and for a tournament to participate in.


Four future interns just completed Envisions Intern Training this last weekend! We are so grateful that these individuals have committed to serving the Lord at our site next year, and we ask you to help us pray for their transitions and fundraising time. Pray that the Lord would provide exactly what they need in perfect timing, so that they can come join our team here.

Please also pray for our two residents, Andrea and Anjolenna, as they prayerfully think about their next steps. They each have about four months left, and we know God has good plans for them in this time of transition. Pray for direction and guidance, for peace and comfort and for rich time in ministry.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for our La Fuente teens, who are no longer in school. Pray that in their free time, they would seek things that are good and pleasing to God. Pray that they would make good decisions and enjoy they get time away from school. Pray also for those who have not accepted the Lord, that God would reveal Himself to them in this time, and that He'd transform and soften their hearts.

  • Pray for the next year for La Fuente. Pray for all the new programs we will begin, and for all of our ministries as they evolve. Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and direction as we begin to think about how we can improve the program for next year.

  • Pray for the groups and interns who will be coming next year. So far, it looks like we will have a very busy group season, and we will need all the help we can get! Pray that God would send more longer term laborers, and that He would prepare those who are coming to serve.

Thank you again for your constant love, support and prayers!

We praise God for His goodness!

Envision El Salvador

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