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Greater is He

"You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."

1 John 4:4

We were created to know Christ. Nothing else that is in this world--that is created--will ever satisfy. While it's easy to view the earthly things around us as more tangible and fulfilling, the truth is that they are all transient. Our desire should be to know Him even as we are fully known in Him, and as a result wanting to live according to His Word.

Following Jesus means that we will inevitably face suffering, so that we may know Him better in His death and attain the power of the resurrection. He can and will use whatever we face to draw us closer to Himself and make us more like Him, we only need to trust in His sovereignty and love.



We are in the eighth month of the year and students are preparing for the last stage of the school year in our country. At this time of the year we have been able to see the progress of our students in their improvement with their grades. The tutoring in math, science, language arts and English continues and

the growth in the students has been noticeable. We thank God for the tutors who put all their efforts to teach the students. We are optimistic that the results of each student will be outstanding at the end of the school year. We are thankful for this place of community where we can share one another's burdens in complete confidence and trust. We trust that as the Holy Spirit continues to guide us in usage of the resources, He will make a lasting impact for His kingdom.


The La Fuente FC project is being a great blessing for our program and also for the community in general. With this project we intend to reach out to many young people so that they can get to know Jesus through sports. The soccer team is made up mostly of students from the La Fuente program and other young people who do not belong to the program have also joined the team. In this way these young people who are not part of the program can hear the word of God because before each practice we have a prayer and also share a small devotional. God is good and we can share His love with others who do not know Him. We ask for prayer for this ministry, that God will continue to provide the necessary resources to make this project grow even more.


Our main objective as ENVISION and the program La Fuente is that young people can know Jesus as the main author of salvation and as a guide for their lives. The program has a space in the spiritual area and is developed through devotional moments, prayer, Bible reading, Bible studies and preaching of the Word of God. With this we intend to make a chain with which the young people also impact their homes positively and that their families are also reached through the testimony of each young person. Let us continue to pray that this project will continue to grow in many other communities so that others will be reached for God.



Fabiola has been part of the La Fuente program since she was 14 years old and thanks to her effort and dedication, she was able to obtain the scholarship to study high school and this is her second and last year. Fabiola is also participating in educational talks at a local university in order to obtain a scholarship for her higher education. This is a very good opportunity for her to build a better future for her life. Our commitment is to provide the tools to all our students so that they can take advantage of them. The scholarship program is designed for students who are in their last year of elementary school and going on to high school. These scholarships are given to students who excel in their grades and demonstrate good character. We are thankful for Fabiola and all that she brings to this program. Let's continue to pray for this program so that God will provide all the necessary resources and give the opportunity to more young people for their personal development.



Thanks to God many advances have been made in the construction of the house for the interns and also a part of it will be used for the Airbnb, this with the purpose of obtaining more resources for our programs and projects. This new project would provide more opportunities to low-income youth and provide them with a quality education. God has been so faithful in providing what we need to continue this project thus far, but we still need financial help to finish it as soon as possible. We need $40,000 to finish the steel structure and roof of the building. Please pray for this project to be finished.


A couple of months ago we started a business selling safe, clean drinking water through vending machines. This water is priced at a low cost so that it is affordable to anyone who needs it. There is currently one machine installed in the city of Apopa where our La Fuente program is located. The overall goal is to use the revenue from this business to fund our programs. In the future, we hope to install multiple water machines all around the city to generate more economic resources.

We are also in the process of developing plans to begin a business of personal and tourist transportation for nationals and foreigners. Thanks to the support of people with kind hearts, a new van was purchased. This will also serve as financial support for the site and all of our programs. We ask for prayer for the logistical aspects of these business projects.



Last month, we said goodbye to our intern Christie Estime, and this month we will be doing the same with Bethany Gunn. We are so thankful for their hard work, support, and passion for God's kingdom. This will leave Sam Andersen as a resident, and our interns Nick Myer and Elijah Sander. They are all uniquely gifted and putting their skills to the service of the Lord and our program. They teach classes in music, art, English, and sports, while also sharing the God's Word.

Please be praying for strength, energy, and joy as they continue their work as a part of this team!


The Lord has blessed us abundantly with six teams so far this season! A HUGE thank you to Lewistown Alliance, Franklin Alliance, Crossroads Church, Gospel Alliance, Hope Fellowship of the CMA, and First Alliance Lexington. Praise God, this year in total we have around 12 short term teams signed up! Each group that has come through always brings life and joy to our team and to our students. We are SO grateful for each person and love partnering together in making His name known in El Salvador. We pray that it is a special experience for each team.


We are continuing to pray for the Escalante family; they are back in San Salvador but are still in the process of trying to obtain an immigration permit so that they are able to stay with Envision El Salvador.


We invite you to partner with the Envision El Salvador site, whether that be through prayer or financial support. Please pray for the overall finances of running this site, funding our staff, and operating the various businesses and programs. We look to Him as our Provider of all things. We believe He goes before us in all things and we seek to walk in the path that He has set before us, fully trusting in His faithfulness.

* For the hearts of our youth, that each one of them would come to know Him and follow Him the rest of their lives.

* We have begun the construction of our second floor of our intern house. Please pray for the for the continued funding of this project!

* Pray for our current and upcoming business projects.

* Pray for our 2023 short-term teams, that God will touch more hearts through them and raise up more workers through this experience.

* Pray for all of our supporters and any donations made to the site. May God bless each of their lives and that every penny donated would be fruitful in making a kingdom impact.

* For the scholarship program.

* For the health, protection, and unity of the students and staff at our site.

* For our director Tony Escalante and his family.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength."

Deuteronomy 6:5

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