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God's Abundance

Hello friends!

As always, our prayer is that you are all well and safe. We hope that summer was a lovely time, and that fall’s changing colors bring new life and peace. We are also excited to share with you how God has been preserving and encouraging our ministry recently.

Early in July, our staff met a family in San Salvador who were in a difficult living situation in the aftermath of both the pandemic and the tropical storm. Cristian, a carpenter by trade, built a temporary home for his wife and four young children with the limited resources he had available. Their single room was held together by scraps of wood, plastic, and cardboard. Cristian and Xiomara worried that the circumstances could worsen for their children.

Clear provision and perfect timing allowed for our team to be “all hands in” as we jumped into where the Lord was leading us to. A member from a local church volunteered his time and skills, directing our staff for seven days. In the end, we had the immense privilege of finishing a more substantial house for Cristian and Xiomara’s family!

We love the unique ways God gives, and a fitness challenge is definitely one of them! Richard Mullinax from Journey Fitness 333, and former director of Envision El Salvador, is overseeing the “Envision El Salvador Fitness Challenge”; a wellness opportunity extended to our staff, family, friends, and beyond. The participants will be led over a period of 6 weeks through individual coaching, workout routines, nutritional plans, and more. The amount that was asked upon entering the competition will be pooled together as a reward for the winning team. AND, Journey Fitness 333 will generously match all money entered as a donation to our site!! Please help us lift up those currently participating, that they may reap what they sow and find a little joy in the process!

La Fuente

After much prayerful consideration, we decided that the best precaution we can take with our teens is to continue “meeting” with them online. We are really thankful that our staff has committed their energy and brain power to polish what we are currently calling “La Fuente Online”.

Monday afternoons we all gather via Zoom to worship and learn more about the calling Christ invokes for us all. To shake things up a bit and keep “virtual learning” more engaging, we have also been hosting a trivial contest during the devotional for a chance to win some kind of snack. It’s been a fun time! It’s nourishing to be silly with our kids too!

The rest of the week has a more refined tutoring schedule to ensure that we continue to offer academic support as best as possible. The Salvadoran Ministry of Education announced not too long ago that public schools will not return to a physical presence until the new year. Our teens are also very near the end of the school year, with just around three months left! Many have asked prayers for their studies; please pray that they can finish off strong!

We are also excited to report that the English curriculum developed by the language department at the University of Central America (UCA) has begun! The lesson plans are both solid and interactive. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. We have been greatly blessed by our partnership with UCA, and have no doubt that their hard work will bear fruit. We’d love for you to pray for the twelve La Fuente students taking the course.

La Fuente Apopa

While plans are still underway, we are currently trying to develop a strategy for online programming. Many of the kids in the Apopa community have little to no access to the internet. However, we are praying that God will open the doors and give the creativity and resources needed! Campaigning for sponsorships for the children is an area we are also placing time on. The hope and joy for these kids keep us going!

Interns and Summer Groups

While plans did not come to fruition for short term mission groups and interns this summer, we are already looking forward to next summer. Our site director, Tony, has begun reaching out to potential missionary groups. Interns and work groups are an important part of Envision El Salvador, their short-term commitments help provide the manpower and financial support we need to have a lasting impact in the community. For more information on the opportunities that await in 2021, reach out to Tony at

We have an exciting update on the plans of our site associate, Laura. The language immersion program that she is enrolled in has shifted to an online platform due to Covid restrictions. As a result, Laura does not have to be present in Costa Rica for her classes and is free to take them remotely from any location. She still wanted to be in a Spanish speaking country during the language program so she has decided to move to El Salvador early! As soon as the airport opens to foreign travel, Laura will be coming to live in San Salvador.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for staff and interns who are laboring for the Kingdom. Pray that they may continue receiving the strength offered by the Lord, that their souls may be encouraged, and that peace would be their shield. Pray for their families, for their protection and stability.

  • Pray for the La Fuente teens. Pray that as they finish their school year online, they may find energy, focus, intelligence, and faith. Pray for discerning minds and hearts as they traverse friendships, family, and daily life. And pray that their relationships with God may take root and flourish.

  • Pray for "La Fuente Online". Pray that we'd be given wisdom as we lead our program virtually, that it would emit the values of La Fuente, and that the "screen" would not distract from the love we want to share.

  • Pray for the La Fuente Apopa program. Pray that God’s will would take precedence, and that He would provide the internet and imagination needed to reach the kids in this time. Please pray as well that we may find support for sponsorships.

  • Pray for Laura’s final days in the United States. Pray for her travels as well, that they may be safe and smooth. Pray for the time she will be waiting for the airport to open in El Salvador, that it can be a period of blessing and rest.

  • And finally, pray for next summer’s group and intern season. Pray that God would bless the efforts Tony is making, and that the Lord would bring the right teams and individuals.

There was so much to share; all proof that the Lord’s abundance is clear as day. Thank you for being such wonderful expressions of God’s love to children and families in El Salvador. We’re so grateful for your hearts!

In Christ,

Envision El Salvador

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