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Fostering and Forming Partnerships for the Kingdom

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Tony just got back from the LIFE conference in Orlando, Florida. There, he worked with the Envision staff and was reunited with Laura, our site associate, as well as other old friends! It was a great time for our staff to connect with potential interns and group leaders. We can't wait to see how God uses those connections!

Photo courtesy of Maria England


La Fuente

Recently we've been seeing fewer and fewer teens show up for La Fuente. Some of the teens who have been with us for years have been making poor decisions which have led them away from the program and the Lord. We're saddened to see them leave, but we're also excited to see the new teens that God has been bringing to La Fuente, for whom we otherwise wouldn't have the space and budget. We currently have two new guys and two new girls trying out the program for two weeks. We recognize that God has brought these teens to our program for a reason, and we hope to connect with them long term and share the hope of the Gospel with them.

Help us to pray for the safety of our teens and staff members as they go in and out of the community. Recently due to the policies of the new government, police presence has greatly increased, and many arrests have been made in our teens' neighborhood. While this should mean more safety, here it can often precipitate even more conflict between gangs and police. Pray that our teens and staff wouldn't be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that the Lord would protect them at all times.

We recently welcomed a group from Franklin, North Carolina, and Ben, one of the group members, gave a carpentry workshop! Over the course of two very hot and sunny mornings, with only Ben's instructions, Mario and Jairo made this night stand! Great work boys! We're grateful that the Lord sent someone to teach these valuable skills to some of our teens, who may go on to use them later on in life.

We had another group visiting us from Prospect Heights, Illinois, who shared about the radical, real love of God through dance, skits and music. They shared not only with our La Fuente teens, but also with several other schools and churches with whom we've been forming partnerships. We're grateful to them for sharing this unique and interactive way to worship the Lord, and for the way that they've come alongside us and our existing partnerships.


The Mavericks have finished the first half of the season undefeated and with over 200 accumulated points! Coach Mario has led the team in giving back and serving others by launching a new partnership between the Mavericks team and the children's ministry at the Alliance church in Apopa. This month, they shared a nice time of fellowship with 34 kids, and hope to go back every month. Pray for provision and direction, as their resources are tight, but we know the Lord is faithful. Pray that we as a staff and the Mavericks will continue to abide in Him and bear much Kingdom fruit through this new project.

La Fuente FC

Our boys' soccer team just kicked off the second half of their season with a great 7-4 victory! They had a rough first half of the season, but have been practicing hard and hope to rise above this time. One of our group members from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin came and shared some drills with them and encouraged them in their practice time. We hope and pray that our guys can learn discipline and teamwork, as well as the value of giving everything to the Lord.


We have one more intern to introduce to you all. Jacob arrived at the beginning of this month and has come to help in lots of different areas. He's been helping in the kitchen, in la Fuente and will be working with Joaquin to build some databases. We're excited to host him for three months and we look forward to see how the Lord will use and work in him.

Our intern Allen will be leaving in early August after spending three months at our site. He has been the man behind lots of recent video content and photography, and he has served the Lord faithfully. We are sad to see him leave, but hope that his time here has been as much of a blessing to him as it has for us. Praise the Lord for sending laborers to our site!

Our recent groups from North Carolina and Wisconsin did some much-needed work at our intern house, reinforcing security in the front of the house and adding to the already flourishing garden. Our female residents are overjoyed with the outcome, as they now have an even safer and more beautiful place to live and rest, praise be to God!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the salvation and safety of our teens. Pray the even the new ones will experience Christ and that those who have been with us for a long time can completely and fully open their hearts to Jesus, and that they would let Him change their lives.

  • Pray for our staff to be strengthened and encouraged as group season and La Fuente continue. There has been lots of sickness within our staff and teens, so please pray for their health as well.

  • Pray for the groups that will be coming for the rest of the summer. Pray that God would lead them in all the work and projects that they will do, and that the Spirit would fill them so that every interaction they would reflect Christ and His love for us.

  • Pray for our partnerships all around the city; that the Lord would continue to use us as a ministry to reach more people through these connections.

  • Pray for Laura, who is officially starting to fundraise and seek out prayer and financial partners. Pray that the Lord would provide abundantly as He always does and that He would bring Laura back here in His perfect timing. Pray for strength as she will be staying very busy, speaking in lots of different churches, and spending a lot of time outside her comfort zone.

Thank you for taking the time to read our prayer blog, and for lifting up this ministry in prayer. We are so grateful and joyful for this family that the Lord has provided us.

Envision El Salvador

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