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Following God's leading

The end of the year is drawing closer and closer. Our La Fuente teens are working on lots of projects for the end of the school year, Tony's getting ready to go on his fall tour, and believe it or not, the weather's getting just a little bit cooler down here!

Our staff came back from their spiritual retreat last week feeling refreshed and challenged. God spoke to our staff in so many ways individually and as a team. Another huge thanks to Pastor Scott from Maranatha Bible Church for spending the week with us, sharing about his life and experiences, and for speaking truth and light into our staff's lives. We move into these next few months with new ideas about what it means to abide in the Lord, especially in busy ministry life.

We hope you can catch Tony or Laura in person as they visit lots of churches in the US, sharing about our ministry and all that God has done in the last year.

Tony's Tour Schedule:

Nov. 3: First Alliance Church, Franklin, NC

Nov 6-7: Derwood Alliance Church, Rockville, MD

Nov 9-10: Lewistown Alliance Church, Lewistown, NY

Nov 12: Grace Church, Cleveland, OH

Nov 13: Wellspring Alliance Church, Wheaton, IL

Nov 15: Agape Presbyterian Church, Prospect Heights, IL

Nov 19: Cody Alliance Church, Cody, WY

Nov 23-24: Community Heights Alliance Church, Newton, IA

Laura's Tour Schedule:

Oct 17-24: Chinook Alliance Church, Chinook, MT

Oct 24-28: Havre Community Alliance, Havre, MT

Nov 1-3: Maranatha Bible Chapel, Horseheads, NY

Nov 7-11: Polson Alliance Church, Polson, MT

Nov 14-18: Chester Alliance Church, Chester, MT

Dec 6-9: Gospel Alliance Church, Belle Vernon, PA


La Fuente

Our teens are so close to the end of their school year, and yet so far. We've been making an extra effort to encourage them and help them to think about their futures. Some of them have it in their minds that furthering their education in high school isn't that important, and that their future is already set for them. It's for this reason that our theme for the year at La Fuente has been "Break Your Limits." Join us in praying for the teens that they would find hope in Jesus for their futures. Pray especially for the 9th graders who will soon graduate and (Lord willing) go on to high school.


The Mavericks are now undefeated after three games in the second half of the season, and they've actually gone undefeated for an entire year! It is incredible to see how these women have grown as athletes and as individuals. Mario has been working hard making lots of connections, and the team now has brand new uniforms thanks to a new sponsor, and a team nutritionist. We are amazed at God's provision and blessing on this part of the ministry.

The Mavericks are also getting ready to start their Christmas toy drive to serve the kids of a nearby neighborhood. Help us to pray for their efforts, and if you're interested in getting involved, please get in touch with us!


Help us to pray for more interns for next year! We have a couple who is hoping to arrive in March, one person who is interested in a residency, and several guys and girls who are interested in coming for the summer. Having interns here allows us to better use our long term staff and resources for ministry. Pray for them as they make decisions and start their fundraising process.

We're also looking for individuals who are looking to serve with us for two years as residents. We need these people to teach English and take over our communications position. Help us to pray that God would call and send the right people.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our leadership team (Tony, Mario and Joaquin) as they consider all the eligible ninth graders for our high school scholarship. Pray that the Lord would make it clear to them who will best take advantage of this opportunity to study at an excellent private school rooted in the Gospel.

  • Pray for our teens who have made the choice to follow Christ and consider themselves His disciples. Pray that they would understand what it means to be a disciple, and that they'd begin to establish spiritual practices in their lives that allow them to sit humbly in the Lord's presence on a regular basis. Pray that our staff would model this life of a disciple for them and that they'd be strengthened against the relentless attacks of the enemy on their lives.

  • Pray for the groups and interns who are interested in serving at our site next year. Pray that God would clear the way for them as they sort out logistics and timing.

  • Pray for Laura's tour and fundraising process; that every word she speaks is filled with truth and that the Spirit would be guiding and encouraging her. Pray that the Lord's will would be done and she would be back here with us in January.

  • Pray for Tony's tour as he seeks out 75 new sponsorships for La Fuente kids for next year. Pray that God would go before him and prepare the hearts of all the people he meets. There are new projects in the works here and we are depending on God's generous provision to reach more kids in San Salvador and Apopa.

Thank you for how you intercede for this ministry, our staff and our teens. We are grateful and your kindness turns us even more to the Father!

Envision El Salvador

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