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Group season is coming to a close and we'd like to take this time to reflect on how the Lord has been faithful to our ministry in this season.

We've welcomed 7 groups to our site in this calendar year, and we're looking forward to one more that will be arriving this week. We've prayed for months for the Lord to send laborers to our site and although we have had fewer groups than last year, we trust that the Lord knows what is best for our site. Who knows what else He has planned for us!


La Fuente

Every group this season has worked very closely with La Fuente and has blessed us and our teens in numerous ways.

A group from Community Heights Alliance Church helped us celebrate our teens' birthdays in throwing a big birthday bash. Some of our teens probably had never had a birthday party before and we know that God can reveal His love to our teens through any action, big or small. We hope that this display of our love would reflect God's love in a deep way as He continues to work in the hearts of our teens.

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen that last week, a group from Gospel Alliance Church helped us to baptize 8 people! From La Fuente we baptized Ivonne, Mayra, Kevin, Maykel, Jairo, Mario and Jefferson, and from our staff we baptized Anjolenna!! We praise Jesus for leading these disciples to take this step of faith and obedience, and we pray that He would work in the same way in the rest of our teens.

We have truly seen the Lord at work in the hearts of our teens. If you would have asked them last year if they were believers, maybe a handful of them would have said yes. Now, when we ask them this year if any of them is a believer, the majority of them raise their hands. We don't know exactly what is in all of their hearts, but that is a victory! And now we have so many of them who have been baptized!! We cannot deny the faithfulness of the Lord in La Fuente!! Join us as we continue to intercede for their salvation and formation as disciples.

La Fuente FC

Our boys soccer team has made leaps and bounds in this second half of their season. They now hold a 5-2-5 record and are in 5th place in the league. The boys have really improved their attitudes and we pray that they would move forward in this same way as the season continues.


The Mavericks started practicing again this week in order to prepare for the upcoming second half of the season. Thanks to our group from Gospel Alliance Church, Coach Mario has some new coaching tools, and the girls can feel it! Pray that the girls would transition well after vacation time and that their bodies would be "turned on" and ready for the new season.

The team is preparing for their second children's event next weekend, where they will partner with the Alliance church in Apopa and their ongoing children's ministry. Pray that their efforts would be fruitful and that already existing connections would be deepened. We thank God for the opportunity for the team to serve and reflect the love of Christ!


Our intern Peter has served for the past three months and went home to Wisconsin this weekend. Over his time here, Peter worked closely with groups and worked on various projects around Wired such as data collection and painting. We are grateful for his service, his heart and God's call on his life. Help us to pray for his transition back home, and for clarity as he determines his next steps. Thank you for your service Peter!

As we look to the year ahead of us, we ask you to consider praying about God's call on your own life. If you feel led to serve with us as an intern or resident, please let us know! We'd love to pray for you as you discern the Lord's will on your life!

Prayer Requests

We ask you to pray for the following:

  • Perseverance for our La Fuente teens. Almost every single one of our teens have accepted Christ into their hearts. And now several have been baptized!! Pray that God would work in their hearts and in their lives, and that He would use them in their families and communities. Pray that God would use our staff to disciple and walk with them through every trial, challenge and celebration that comes their way. Pray that they would remain firm in their faith.

  • For several of our teens who have been showing bad attitudes. Pray that the Lord would reveal Himself to them and that they would be convinced of His goodness.

  • For future groups and interns. Pray that God would continue to send individuals and groups with willing hearts to come alongside us in ministry. We have several potential groups for the fall and we know that God will provide for our site in the most perfect way. Pray that He would orchestrate all future meetings and encounters and that He would continue to plant and grow seeds through the missionaries that come to our site.

  • For our staff. Pray that the Lord would prepare us as we disciple and lead our teens in their faith. Pray that He would give us the words and the opportunities to speak truth and light and that we would also continue to build trust and fellowship with all the La Fuente teens.

Thank you for sticking with us all this time and for joining us in these moments of great joy. God is so good!!

Envision El Salvador

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1 Comment

Aug 20, 2019

Awesome work, we are always encourage on how the Lord is working at your site. Love you guys, Pastor Julio

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