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The Creator of the Universe

Romans 1:20. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

God has created everything that exists in the universe and this shows us his great power and existence. The perfect point of God's creation was the human being. God created us to praise and serve him, but in his great love, he created us to make our own decisions, good or bad. His plan is to have eternal communion with us. Creation speaks for itself that there is a creator and he made everything perfect.


It is now April and the first quarter of the year has been completed. The students in the program are taking advantage of all the tools provided to them in tutoring in math, science, English, and social studies. This helps the students improve their grades and excel in their schools. They also continue to learn in different workshops such as music, art, sports, and others. We do not doubt that with God's support, all of this is beneficial to our students.


As ENVISION El Salvador we are committed to our main objective which is to show our students that the most important thing in life is to have a good relationship with our creator, and with his son Jesus Christ. That is why during the days of the program La Fuente, we always have devotionals, moments of prayer, and sharing the Word of God. We are sharing the way to be saved and to have a different life in Christ. Another hope is that they take that message into their homes and share that Christ is the one true answer to their problems.



Mauricio entered our program when he was in ninth grade. Thanks to his persistence, growth, and improvement in his studies, he was able to obtain one of the scholarships that are offered to students who excel in the ninth grade. In this way, he continues with us in the La Fuente program and is studying high school in a demanding Christian educational center so that he can excel in the future. This program is designed for students who are in their last year of elementary school and going on to high school. These scholarships are given to students who excel in their grades and behavior. Mauricio is also part of our La Fuente FC program which is the ENVISION soccer team made up of young people who belong to the La Fuente program. We also allow other teenagers who do not belong to the program onto the team to share about Jesus with them.


Intern's House

As many of you already know, we are working on remodeling the interns' house. Our goal is to finish as soon as possible and start the new private high school project to give more opportunities to low-income youth and provide them with a quality education. God has been good and has provided what we need to continue this project, but we still need financial help to finish it as soon as possible. We need $40,000 to finish the steel structure and roof of the building. Please pray for this project to be finished.


A couple of months ago we started a business selling drinking water with vending machines at low cost to obtain resources for the site and so that the programs that we carry out do not stop. At the moment we have installed a water machine in the city of Apopa where the La Fuente program is being developed. The goal is to have many water machines in different parts of the city so that we have more economic resources.

We are also about to start a business of personal and tourist transportation for nationals and foreigners. Thanks to the support of people with kind hearts, a new van was purchased and we want this to also generate income for the site. God is good and we ask for prayer for these business projects that we have so that God may send many customers to move forward.


God has been good and we currently have three interns, Sam Andersen as a resident, Nick Myer, and Elijah Sander who are working and putting their skills to the service of the Lord and our program. They teach classes in music, art, and sports and also share the Word of the Lord. We are also waiting for a couple of interns, Christine Estime and Bethany Gunn, who will also be putting their skills to the service of the Lord and the ministry. They will be sharing and working with us for 6 weeks. We are very excited to share with them.


We are very excited because the team season is about to begin and thanks to God we will have a good number of teams that will be working with us sharing testimonies and the Word of God with our students. They will also be doing ministry in different activities and communities in our country. We are happy to share with each group our experience in our program and to be able to work hand in hand with them. This is a special experience for each team.


La Fuente FC is a project that we want to carry out to reach more young people for Christ through soccer, a sport that is a passion here in El Salvador. This program is not only directed to the youth of our site but to the youth of the community. Stanley Larreynaga, Samuel Andersen, and Milton Ortiz are working on the growth of this project to one day have a professional soccer team in El Salvador. We ask for prayer for this project as resources are also needed to provide the youth with tools they can use to grow professionally in this area.


We continue to pray for the Escalante family who is currently residing in Colorado Springs CO so that they can obtain an immigration permit before returning to El Salvador for another period and be able to work on all the projects that ENVISION EL SALVADOR has.


We want to put our requests as ENVISION EL SALVADOR site in the hearts of all those who support us, either with prayer or financially.

We would like you to pray for the finances of the site. May God provide what is necessary to be able to continue operating our different youth outreach ministry programs for the year 2023.

* For the remodeling project of the intern house, we still need more funding.

* For the business projects we want to start to raise funds for the ministry.

* For the teams that will come in the year 2023. May God touch more hearts and may many teams visit us and work directly with the students of the La Fuente program and other partners.

* For the donations that the supporters make to the site. May God bless their lives, jobs, and businesses.

* For the scholarship program.

* For the health and protection of the students and staff at our Site.

* For our director Tony Escalante and his family.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink¨ John 7:37


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