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Pray without ceasing

We're so excited to share with you lots of news from our site! We ask you to join us in applying 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to our ministry, and praying without ceasing.

Our Site

Perhaps the most exciting news of this last month was the birth of Tony and Claudia's daughter, Raquel. She was born on March 1st and we are overjoyed for the Escalante family! Both Claudia and Raquel are healthy and doing well! Please keep the family in your prayers for good health and as they get used to being a family of four. Aren't they cute?!

We have our second team of the year coming this weekend from Plymouth Alliance Church in Plymouth, Wisconsin. We're excited to be starting a new partnership with a church in Quezaltepeque, where half the team will be doing a VBS for the children there. We currently have 10 teams confirmed for the summer, and we know God has big things in store for them! Please be praying that God would prepare the way for each team, and nothing would stop them from coming to serve at the site.

We do still have an opening for a team on June 1-8, so if anyone is interested in coming with a team, please contact us!


La Fuente

Our most exciting news from La Fuente comes from last Friday's youth group. Two teens reconciled their relationships with God and two others accepted Christ! Praise God for this fruit that we are seeing! Pray for these teens and their relationships with God. Pray that this wouldn't be something they did in the moment, but that they would seriously and genuinely make Christ their savior all the days of their lives.

Our three scholarship students are settling in well at their new school. They have exams this week, so please be praying for them, as this will be much more challenging than at their past school.

We have also been facing many trials in this first month of La Fuente. We have been dealing with teens with very bad attitudes and defiant behaviours, which really breaks our hearts and challenges us. We want to love these teens in the best way possible, and we have been constantly interceding for them, that God would change their hearts and attitudes. We will not let the enemy win this battle! Pray with us for their souls!!

Pictured below are the majority of our teens after a fun water day we did with them.


The Mavericks have been practicing hard for their upcoming season, which starts in April. Each of the girls are currently raising funds to pay for the SAAIF (Salvadoran Association of American Intramural Football) membership fees, with the goal of growing their sense of ownership over their team. They've also been decked out in some new gear, thanks to a generous donor, so they're ready to take on their opponents in style! Pray for the girls' hearts and souls, as Mario and Brooke are starting "Phase 2" of the ministry, which is more intentionally focusing on the girls' hearts and spiritual lives.


Our 1-month intern, Hailey, will leaving today. We're grateful for the work she did with our teens in the basic English class, and we hope to see her again soon, possibly with a group! Pray for her transition back home as she processes her time here.

We also have two male interns coming in May and June. Join us in praying for their fundraising efforts and that the Lord would prepare their hearts to join this ministry.

Prayer Requests

  • Continue to pray for the salvation of our La Fuente teens. They have so many reasons not to believe, but we pray that God would be working in them, convincing them of His goodness and salvation so that they might live with hope, not despair.

  • Pray for our partnerships with local universities. Tony has been visiting many universities, looking for volunteers to help us with our classes and translation. God has already showed His glorious provision with a visit from the Central American University, who have approved our program as a viable place to send students in need of social service hours. We praise Him for blessing us in this way! Help us to pray for more divine appointments and blessing over this ministry.

  • Pray for our leadership team for La Fuente, that the Lord would give them discernment to make the best decisions for disciplining the teens and whether or not to allow them to continue in the program.

  • Pray for our staff, who have been getting very sick lately. We recognize this as spiritual warfare and we use this as an opportunity to depend more on the Lord. Pray for healing, health and strength for them all.

We are so fortunate to have all of you as prayer warriors.

Thank you for interceding for us and along with us for this ministry!

May the peace of the Lord be with all of you always.

Envision El Salvador

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