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Praise & Worship! A new beginning.

We are very excited to begin the year 2022 and see what God will do in the lives of many young students. There will be many challenges ahead but we are confident that God is in control. It is a new beginning for the La Fuente program and we are happy to have our students back. "Every day I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever" Psalms 145:2


We are about to start the La Fuente program for the year 2022. The kids are very excited and eager to continue growing in the different areas of their lives. The program will be available for our two locations, San Salvador and Apopa. We expect our students to learn more, first from the Word of God and then in the curricular area. We are ready for this new year of challenges to be a blessing for all of us.


The pandemic has come to change the lives of people around the world and El Salvador is no exception. God has been faithful and during the year 2021 the La Fuente program developed normally and thanks to God we had some groups visit and the staff, students and groups have remained healthy. The challenges for 2022 appear to be the same as the pandemic is not over, but we trust God that He will take care of each of our students and staff. As ENVISION El Salvador we would like to invite all of those groups who are interested to have their first experience serving outside their country and see what God is doing through the program are more than welcome!


We were very blessed to have five interns in the 2021 period. They were a great blessing as they shared their testimony and service to the youth in the program. Many of the students were impacted by the testimonies of the interns. We are thankful to God for that.


We would like to encourage you who are feeling the call to ministry to be a missionary and start with us whether it is an internship of 3 months to a year. God is the one who will give the reward. We invite you to join our staff and serve in many areas of our program. This way you will be able to experience firsthand what God is doing in the lives of many young people who need Him. Please feel free to contact our Site Associate, Laura Rodriguez at


Our first project is to remodel the intern's house and build a second level to accommodate the missionary groups. This would leave us free space in our ministry building to begin the project of establishing our high school that would benefit the scholarship program we have. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please pray that God will allow us to complete this project this year. You can also donate to this project as well and if you, your family, friends, or people from your church would like to come and help with the construction, YOU ARE WELCOME! Contact Tony Escalante at

The second project would be a food business that would combine our first Envision Coffee Shop and a Sandwich Shop. The vision of this business is to provide work skills to some of the students that are already graduated from high school and need to find a job to help with the support of their household and also hopefully generate income that would benefit our La Fuente projects.

Both projects have the purpose of expanding the work that we as ENVISION carry out to serve and show God's love to the community and many younger people. Pray for the La Fuente leadership team for wisdom and direction. There is the possibility of opening a third site this year, and we would appreciate prayer for this new move.

2. Join us in prayer so that God would provide us with a psychologist. We are praying for a qualified psychologist with a heart to serve The Lord and love our teens.

3. Continue praying for the students of the La Fuente programs, for their provision and protection, spiritual, physical, and mental health, and their studies.

4. Pray for the health and safety of the staff.

5. Pray for more groups to come in the 2022 summer. Pray for their health and that God would be leading and preparing their hearts for their ministry when they arrive.


Envision El Salvador

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