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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Psalms 34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

We have reached the halfway point of the year and have had many challenges, but God has been good and we have overcome the obstacles. The La Fuente program continues as normal in our two sites: San Salvador and Apopa. The students are benefiting from tutoring, food, sports, and vocational workshops. Also, and most importantly, the students receive the word of God in the devotionals given every Friday. With this, we want to cover both the scholastic and spiritual needs of the students. We also continue with the scholarship program for high school students. God has been good and has provided us with what we need to be able to carry out the programs.


The La Fuente program has been a blessing to each of us, both staff and students. Each day of the La Fuente program we hope that the students grow in their knowledge, not only in the academic areas but also in the spiritual areas which is the most important aspect. We continue with teaching English, music, sports, and drawing workshops. We also have Bible studies in which the students express their thoughts about God and how they can have a relationship with God.


God has blessed us very much and up to this point of the year, we have received visits from three teams of different churches. We have hosted Rocky Alliance Church (Canada), Simpson University Team (California), and Franklin Alliance Church (Nebraska). All of the teams have been a blessing to Envision El Salvador. The teams have been blessed to share with the students their testimonies and what God has done in their lives in our two sites: San Salvador and Apopa. If your church is interested in doing missions, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule dates to visit and see firsthand what God is doing in the lives of many young people in

the La Fuente program. Contact Laura Rodriguez at our site partner.


Each year we are blessed to have interns on staff for periods, from three months to a year. This year we have the blessing to host Christie, who comes from Reveal Fellowship (Alliance Church in Florida) She has been sharing his knowledge of music with the students so they can improve their skills in singing and playing the piano. Each intern helps us in all areas of work and especially in the La Fuente program where they share their testimony and are a blessing to the students.


We would like to encourage you who are feeling the call to ministry to be a missionary and start with us whether it is an internship of 3 months to a year. God is the one who will give the reward. We invite you to join our staff and serve in many areas of our program. This way you will be able to experience firsthand what God is doing in the lives of many young people who need Him. Anyone age 18, and who graduated from high school are welcome to apply! Please feel free to contact our Site Associate, Laura Rodriguez at for more information, or check out

the Envision website for information about the site and the application forms at


Our first project is to remodel the intern house and build a second level to accommodate the missionary groups. This would leave us free space in our ministry building to begin the project of establishing our high school that would benefit the scholarship program we have. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please pray that God will allow us to complete this project this year. You can also donate to this project as well and if you, your family, friends, or people from your church would like to come and help with the construction, YOU ARE WELCOME! Contact Tony Escalante at

The second project would be a food business that would combine our first Envision Coffee Shop and a Sandwich Shop. The vision of this business is to provide work skills to some of the students that are already graduated from high school and need to find a job to help with the support of their household and also hopefully generate income that would benefit our La Fuente projects.

Both projects have the purpose of expanding the work that we as ENVISION El Salvador carry out to serve and show God's love to the community and many young people. Pray for the La Fuente leadership team for wisdom and direction. There is the possibility of opening a third site this year, and we would appreciate prayer for this new move.

2. We praise The Lord because now we have Jessica with us. She is a professional psicologist and is going to work with the students.

3. Continue praying for the students of the La Fuente programs, for their provision and protection, spiritual, physical, and mental health, and their studies.

4. Pray for the health and safety of the staff.

5. Pray for more groups to come in the 2023 summer. Pray for their health and that God would be leading and preparing their hearts for their ministry when they arrive.


Envision El Salvador

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