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Looking to God in Times of Uncertainty

We hope you all find yourselves well. As a site, we are trusting that God is in control, even when our daily ministry is disrupted. We currently have no reported cases of COVID-19 in El Salvador, but the government is taking many measures to avoid the spread of the virus. The airport is currently closed for 15 days, and incoming Salvadorans must be in quarantine for 30 days. Schools have been suspended for 30 days, and all restaurants and pupuserias can only offer to-go or delivery service.

As a site, we have suspended our La Fuente program for the next week, and we are looking to be approved to have our youth group services on Fridays. Our staff is trying to stay informed and are adapting according to what we feel is best for our teens.

Despite all these changes, we were able to host a group from River of Life Alliance Church in Grand Junction, Colorado. They came with high spirits, ready to work alongside a couple of partner churches and organizations. However, due to the sudden regulation changes here in the country, we made the call and suggested that leaving was the best option since we thought the borders might close. They were hesitant at first, and we didn't want to send them all the way back home, but looking back, it was probably the best course of action. We are confident that the Lord will use the time that they did spend here for His Kingdom, scattering seeds, pouring into children in Quezaltepeque and interacting closely with our staff.

Tony just got back from a trip to one of our partner churches in Pennsylvania. Thanks so much to Gospel Alliance Church for inviting him to share about our site!

During his week away, Tony found an opportunity to take a small trip to pick up some computers to bring back for La Fuente. The Lord was so generous in His provision, and Tony was able to come back with THREE computers for the new La Fuente program in Apopa. We praise God for working through those individuals who donated the computers and providing for our every need.

We are excited to introduce you to three new members of our Salvadoran staff: Saúl, Jonathan and Ever! We had asked the Lord to bring the right people to our team and we trust that He will use these three disciples powerfully in the lives of our La Fuente teens.

You may have read on our Facebook page recently that as an organization, we were officially recognized as an "Entity that Attends to Children and Adolescents" by the government department for children and youth. Hamilton had been diligently working on this paperwork for many months and now we can see the fruit of his labor. It is very important for us to be in good standing with the government and we know that God will use this extra level of credibility as our ministry grows throughout the city.

Please keep an eye on this space and our Facebook page, where we will share new information about possible changes for the rest of the year. Again, we are trusting that God is in control!


La Fuente

In the last few weeks, our teens have adapted to many changes: new staff, new schools and new schedules. They've been troopers!

During our youth group services, we have focused on exhorting our teens to actively seek the Lord and read His word. For many of them, coming to La Fuente is their only opportunity to hear about the hope of the Gospel, so help us to pray that the Lord would continue to speak to our teens, even as they're physically away from our ministry.

La Fuente Apopa

Last Saturday, we sent a small team from our staff to work in Apopa for the March children's program. Alongside the Alliance church members, our team helped to engage with over 40 children from the surrounding neighborhoods of Apopa. We are so excited that Jonathan and Shannon have finally arrived, as they hope to invest in and develop the children's program, which will eventually evolve into "La Fuente Apopa." Help us to pray for wisdom for Jonathan and Shannon as they make decisions around this new ministry, and pray that the Lord would guide this entire team as they pursue this new La Fuente program.


Due to changes and adjustments in the team, the Mavericks are on pause for the moment. Again, we trust that God is in control in each of our ministries.


If you didn't see our post on Facebook, we'd like to introduce you to our three newest interns, Shannon, Jonathan and Chance! The Lord is already at work in their lives and is connecting them with our La Fuente teens and kids. Pray that they would remain steadfast and encouraged amidst all these unexpected changes in our ministry.

We'd like to ask you to pray for the other interns that are planning to come in the next few months: Samuel, Gaby, Lucy and Meghan. Because of the current situation, it is not clear as to whether or not our summer interns will be able to arrive. We’ll pray that God will do His will in the midst of all of this, and our hope is that they are still going to be with us during their scheduled times this year. If it turns out to not be possible, hopefully they will get to be with us in the near future or next summer, after this situation gets under control and things go back to normal. We know that the Lord has a plan for each of them, and a virus will not stop His will from being done. Pray that they would have peace in their hearts and that they'd draw close to the Father in this uncertain time.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our La Fuente teens and kids. God knows the heart of each one of them and He desires a relationship with them. Pray that in this time away from school that they would make good decisions and that God would give them the desire to seek Him and trust completely in Him. Pray that those who don't know the Lord would encounter Him and that those who have accepted Him wouldn't stray from His path.

  • Pray for our ministry in this time of uncertainty. Pray that we would get the permissions we need to have La Fuente youth group and that our staff can find ways to encourage and minister to our teens even from a distance.

  • Pray for the teams and interns that are scheduled to arrive this summer. Pray for discernment for Tony and all the group leaders as they make decisions. Pray that they would act out of obedience and trust, and not in fear.

  • Pray for our staff and interns, who continue to labor for the Kingdom. Pray that God would protect their families from any illness, and that He'd lead them and use them in these uncertain times.

  • Finally, pray that we would be used by God no matter what happens in El Salvador. Pray that our eyes would be opened to the most immediate needs of our Salvadoran brothers and sisters and that in everything we do, we can bring glory to God's name.

We want to thank you all for keeping this ministry in your prayers. We hope and pray that each of you is staying safe. May the Lord bless you in this season.

Envision El Salvador

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