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La Fuente is Back!

Things are very busy at our site! Tony is back from Uruguay and we are about to welcome our first team of the year. They're arriving tomorrow and will be helping with our first week of La Fuente! 

This last week, our staff did a recap of our Trauma Competent Care training that we did last year, and we discussed different ways to implement the concepts and ideas that we learned about. We've also been making some changes to our space and vehicles. It has been an intense time of preparation and we are ready to finally put this all into action!

Our all staff meeting

The La Fuente Art Gallery

Envision logos on all vehicles


La Fuente

We are kicking off La Fuente with youth group TONIGHT! We have 23 teens enrolled in our program and we haven't seen most of them since December. Our staff is so excited to see all the old faces as well as some new ones! 

Right after youth group today, we will be having a parents' meeting. This is our opportunity for all of the parents to see our facilities and get to know our staff, as well as the heart of our program. We hope and pray that the parents would encounter Jesus as they are here, and that they would be open to everything we have to share. Please keep this meeting in your prayers as you go throughout the day today, as it is very important to us. We are excited to share that the Lord has provided us with some additional computers that we needed for our computer classes! We hope to use this opportunity to teach our teens valuable computer skills that they will need in the future. We are still depending on God to provide a few more computers and two math tutors, after one of them was unable to serve with us. We praise God for His perfect provision and timing in the past, and we are confident that He will provide again. Please let us know if you know anyone who is interested in partnering with us in any way.


Our Mavericks girls will be travelling with Mario to Guatemala this weekend to play the Guatemalan national team. Some of the best players were chosen to play with the Salvadoran national team, the Liberty Hawks. Pray for safe travels and for safety on the field.


Our next intern, Hailey, arrives February 20th and will be staying for a month. Pray that the Lord would be readying her heart for this transition and that He would cover her in His peace as she prepares to come. Also, please continue to pray for Laura and her transition home, as well as her application process for the site associate position. She is going home February 21st. 

Prayer Requests

  • First, we ask you to continue to pray for the salvation of our kids and their parents. Pray that the Lord would soften their hearts, stir curiosity in them and convince them of the true freedom we have in following Him. Pray that the parents would be supportive of their kids in our program and that their kids would have the desire and the courage to talk to their parents about what they learn during our program. In this way, we hope to see God changing the eternity of individuals, and then of their families and then of entire communities.

  • Pray for our staff, as we get ready to kick off our program. Pray that we would be strengthened and encouraged daily by the Word of God, and that God would humble and grow immensely us as we serve our teens and each other.

  • Please pray for laborers, both from El Salvador and from the US. Pray that God would call out to people to come and join us in ministry. We know that God is unchanging and we are confident that He will send more volunteers, interns, residents and groups to our site this year, just as He has always done.

  • Finally, pray for Tony, Claudia, and Diego as they prepare to welcome little Raquel. Pray for good health during this last month of Claudia's pregnancy as well as peaceful, family time together while there are just three of them. We hope to introduce you to Raquel in our next post! Thank you for staying updated with the ministry and for all the ways in which you support each of us here. We feel encouraged and ready to see what God has in store.

With Love, Envision El Salvador P.S. What do you think of the new look of the blog?

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