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Rivers of living water. John 7:37

On the last great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, "If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink" Jesus offers us the water of eternal life. He is the eternal Source and wants us all to drink so that we can enjoy all its benefits. By living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we develop within us a living fountain that will eternally satisfy our thirst for happiness, peace, and eternal life. Let us rejoice in the fountain that is Christ the Lord!


We thank God for the beginning of a new year. God has been faithful and the La Fuente program has begun with the participation of 42 children in our two sites: San Salvador and Apopa, and we have already begun tutoring in math, science, social studies, and other subjects. We have also started our workshops in physical education, art, and music, and most importantly, we have devotionals and bible studies that we share with the students to introduce them to Jesus as the Savior of their lives. We hope that our La Fuente program will be a great success in the year 2023.


Our group season is about to begin and thank God we already have about 15 registered teams that will be with us this summer. Much of the team's work is divided into construction, building maintenance, working with the youth of the La Fuente program, evangelism, and other activities. We thank God for putting this opportunity on the hearts of the people who want to come, work, share with us, and see what God is doing in the lives of our young people in El Salvador.


God has been faithful as we start the year with a resident and two interns who support us in the work carried out in ENVISION EL SALVADOR. Our resident, Samuel Andersen, is from Mountain View Community Church in Washington. One of our interns, Elijah Sander, is from Community Heights Alliance Church in Iowa. Our other intern, Nick Myer, is from Chiques Church in Pennsylvania. They are sharing their time and talents with the students.


We would like to encourage you who are feeling the call to ministry to be a missionary and start with us whether it is an internship of 3 months to a year. God is the one who will give the reward. We invite you to join our staff and serve in many areas of our program. This way you will be able to experience firsthand what God is doing in the lives of many young people who need Him. Anyone age 18, and who graduated from high school are welcome to apply! Please feel free to contact our Site Associate, Laura Rodriguez at for more information, or check out

the Envision website for information about the site and the application forms at


After a long wait in the process, the Escalante Family has finally become US Permanent Residents. Tony, Claudia, Diego, and Raquel are living with family in beautiful (but very cold for now) Colorado Springs, CO. for at least 6 months before they can come back to the Site, they are going through a kind of Home Assignment period and will be applying for a re-entry permit with the US Immigration Services to be able to go back to El Salvador for a while with the permission of the US government. Please pray for the kids to adjust well to preschool in the US and learn English. Please also pray for Tony and Claudia to become full English speakers and for the language not to be a barrier at all. Please pray for God to work amid the process of asking for this re-entry permit.

PD: Tony’s new phone number in the US is (719)284-1058, this number is for calling only. If you want to reach out to him through message, FaceTime, Whatsapp, or Telegram please use his Salvadoran number +(503)7877-6987.


We want to put our requests as ENVISION EL SALVADOR site in the hearts of all those who support us, either with prayer or financially.

We would like you to pray for the finances of the site. May God provide what is necessary to be able to continue operating our different youth outreach ministry programs for the year 2023.

* For the remodeling project of the intern house, we still need more funding.

* For the business projects we want to start in order to raise funds for the ministry.

* For the teams that will come in the year 2023. May God touch more hearts and may many teams visit us and work directly with the students of the La Fuente program and other partners.

* For the donations that the supporters make to the site. May God bless their lives, jobs, and businesses.

* For the health and protection of the students and staff at our Site.

* For our director Tony Escalante and his family.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink¨ John 7:37


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