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Psalms 103:2 Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits.

The year is about to end and we want to remember all the benefits we have received from God. We have had: Life, food, air, home, work, friends, and family. The Bible urges us not to forget any of them and encourages us to bless our God.


Our La Fuente program has also been a blessing to our students. God has provided what we needed to develop our program in our two sites: San Salvador and Apopa. We want our students to finish the school year in the best way possible. Each student has strived to get the best grades so they can move on to the next grade. We also continue to work on the spiritual part, which is the most essential part of the program. The students have the privilege of having devotional and prayer time each week to surrender their lives to God. And we do not forget the physical and mental parts. Every week there is a time for sports, with the purpose that the students grow integrally.

MEET VLADIMIR (La Fuente Apopa)

Vladimir is a student who has been in the La Fuente program since its opening in 2020. At that time the directors of the program were a missionary couple Jonathan and Shannon Ribich. They laid the foundation for the program in the city of Apopa and now we continue that legacy. Thanks to the program, Vladimir has grown in many areas of his life. In the area of education, he is about to finish his basic education and will be pursuing a scholarship for high school. Also in the spiritual area, he was baptized in the church and thanks to that testimony, his parents returned to the church, were baptized, they got married and now serve in their local church. Also in the program, he has developed the ability to play the bass guitar and now he is also part of the worship team. We are very thankful to God because the main focus is for the students to recognize Jesus as their savior and through them, be able to reach out to their families so that they too will know Jesus. This encourages us to continue with our vision which is to build better futures for the youth for the glory of God.


We just finished the season with teams visiting us from various parts of the United States and Canada. God has been faithful and we have had 7 teams from Rocky Mountain Alliance, Canada. Gospel Alliance, Pittsburgh, PA. Simpson University, Redding, CA. LifePoint, Norfolk, NE. First Alliance Church, Franklin, NC. Maranatha Bible Chapel, NY. Grand Rapids Alliance Church. Everything has been a great blessing for our students. The teams have shared very special moments with the teens and also and most importantly the Word of God. As ENVISION El Salvador we would like to invite all of those groups who are interested to have their first experience serving outside their country, and see what God is doing through the program, you are more than welcome!


We would like to encourage you who are feeling the call to ministry to be a missionary and start with us whether it is an internship of 3 months to a year. God is the one who will give the reward. We invite you to join our staff and serve in many areas of our program. This way you will be able to experience firsthand what God is doing in the lives of many young people who need Him. Anyone age 18 and older are welcome to apply! Please feel free to contact our Site Associate, Laura Rodriguez at for more information, or check out

the Envision website for information about the site and the application forms at


The vision of the leadership of ENVISION El Salvador, led by Tony Escalante, is always for the benefit of the young people who need it most. We continue with the remodeling of the intern house to be able to host more teams and interns and to be able to offer all the possible comforts. This is to expand where now the offices are located and where the teams are housed to convert it into a school for high school and benefit more young people with scholarships. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please pray that God will allow us to complete this project this year. You can also donate to this project as well and if you, your family, friends, or people from your church would like to come and help with the construction, YOU ARE WELCOME! Contact Tony Escalante at

- Continue praying for the students of the La Fuente programs, for their provision and protection, spiritual, physical, and mental health, and their studies.

- Pray for the health and safety of the staff.

- Pray for more groups to come in the 2023 summer. Pray for their health and that God would be leading and preparing their hearts for their ministry when they arrive.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink¨ John 7:37


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