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COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone,

As we write this we hope this finds you all well during this globally ambiguous season. In that same regard, we offer gratitude for the sheltering Christ brings to all parts of our lives and we lift our eyes to Him. That being said, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge, as a site, how we have navigated COVID-19 and continue to do so.

Currently El Salvador has 46 reported COVID-19 cases, however, from very early on the Salvadoran president took a strict approach in an attempt to avoid a worst case scenario. On March 12th, the border was closed to entry by foreigners and schools were suspended. Soon after, the airport was closed to arrivals and departures, and gatherings were limited in size. Due to this, our site suspended programming at this time. On March 21st, the president announced a 30 day house quarantine for citizens in non-essential occupations.

While all of this has hindered the physical presence of our ministry, we praise God because, as a staff, we continue to meet daily for devotions via video platforms and continue to work from home towards our ministry’s programming. Modern technology has also enabled us to find creative ways to continue contact and relationships with the youth we serve. What a blessing! In this way, we continue to experience the goodness of our God.

Connecting and worshipping through video as a staff!

As a result of border restrictions, we are facing a disruption in our group season as well as with our summer interns. This poses some unique, first-time challenges for our site in terms of both resources of people and funds. We know that the next couple of months will not look like they have in the past, and we also recognise that this sentiment is shared universally.

This pandemic has brought a shift to all of our lives and we think of you also during this time. Because we understand families and churches in the U.S. are not exempt in this uncertainty, we’d love to welcome any prayer requests you may have or thoughts, feelings and experiences you’d like to share. As a global church body, what a beautiful time it is to come together in unity and in our allotment of one another’s burdens. This is such a glorious blessing, and we praise the Lord for this family we have in Him.

Across the globe, Alliance international workers remain in over 60 countries, following local government protocols and restricting unnecessary travel. Some workers in high-risk categories for COVID-19 have relocated to where medical access is more readily available. As things are constantly changing, we remain in close contact with our leaders. Please pray for discernment, for protection, and for a new openness to the gospel.

The Alliance office in Colorado Springs remains open, though many are working from home, and donations and checks can still be received. If you give through your local church and their doors are currently closed, please know you can support us online. Visit and choose “GCF” or choose “a project you love” and type in “Envision - El Salvador”. You will see a couple different options as to which aspects of our ministry you can support. Follow the steps from there. You can make a one-time or recurring gift. We so appreciate your support and prayers during this time. And we encourage you to keep supporting your local church through its own online giving options.

Thank you, immensely, for partnering with us. We have hope and therefore joy, because God has made it so. Thank you for taking the time to read this. May the Lord continue to surround you and yours during this season.


Envision El Salvador

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