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A Year of Abiding

Happy New Year everyone! As a site we are so excited to get back into the swing of this ministry. Tony, our site coordinator spoke to our staff last week about abiding, referring to John 15. He encouraged each of us to abide in the Lord, so that we may bear much fruit in our ministry and in our own personal lives. So, as a ministry, this is our year of abiding and remaining in the Lord, the vine, the true source of life.

Our Site

We have started off the year with lots of planning, envisioning and organizing for La Fuente. We have a couple of teams of staff members charged with different tasks. Our leadership team is working on very clearly defining and laying out our program, and writing it all down in the hopes that La Fuente can be replicated in different parts of the country. We have another team working on assessing feedback from the last year of the program, hoping to better the program and put all that we've learned in the past year into practice. We have several all-staff meetings coming up in the next few weeks. Please pray for discernment for our entire staff so that we might effectively implement a program that allows our teens to encounter Jesus daily.

Finally, Tony will be traveling to Uruguay January 23rd to February 2nd for Envision's Latin American Regional Field Forum. Please pray for safe travels and divine appointments, and for peace back here at the ministry in his absence.

Our Ministries

La Fuente

La Fuente will be starting back up on February 15th. On that Friday, we will have youth group to welcome all of our new and returning students. The following week, we will resume our normal daily La Fuente schedule and program.

We have some very exciting news to share! By God's grace and perfect provision, we were able to name a third scholarship winner!!! Harold will now be attending a private Christian high school this year along with Julissa and Carlos. Harold had not been able to go to school the past year for many different reasons, and we hope that this will be a great blessing to him and his family. Join us in praising God for His goodness and provision!

A second piece of exciting news is that we found a tutor for math!! Dennys, a university student that we know from the Alliance church in Apopa will be coming several days a week to help our students with their math homework. We had been praying for a math tutor for a long time, and once again, God has been faithful!


After taking a good long time of rest, our girls flag football team will have their first practice this Saturday to prepare for the upcoming season. Please pray for all the girls and coach Mario as they train and grow as a team and as individuals.


Our next intern, Hailey, will be arriving February 20th. Please join us in praying for Hailey's preparation for her month-long internship.

As we mentioned last month, our resident, Laura, will be leaving us February 21st after serving here for 2 years. Continue to pray for her as she prepares for this enormous transition.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our staff as we work to make La Fuente the best that it can be. We have faith that as we abide in Christ, He will work through us in this ministry. We hope to be good stewards of all that He has entrusted us with...this program and the lives of our teens.

Pray for the safety and salvation of our kids; that God would be deeply at work in their hearts and that He would put people in their lives who can point them towards Christ especially as they aren't coming to La Fuente during this season. Pray that the Lord would protect and bless their families and communities as they get ready to head back to school. Pray also that God would soften the hearts of our La Fuente teens so that more of them would choose to give their lives to Him this year.

Pray for all of the teams and interns that will be serving with us this year. Pray that God would be preparing their hearts for all that they will be a part of here and that He would work in the hearts of other individuals and teams considering coming here.

Pray for Claudia’s last term of pregnancy. That she and baby Raquel would stay healthy and that in these last few weeks the Lord would be preparing Tony, Claudia and Diego for this great change to their family.

Finally, pray for Laura’s application process for the site associate position here. Pray that God would be giving her peace about her next steps, and strengthening her as she begins this very involved and lengthy process. Pray that the will of God would be done in her life, and if it is His will, that she would be back at our site very soon.

Praise be to God for all He has done and will do this coming year, and thank you to everyone for interceding for this ministry. Let us all choose to abide in the Lord this year.

In Him, Envision El Salvador

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