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A Time of Thanksgiving

Happy Holidays, everybody!

We imagine on your side of the world the air is getting colder and the days shorter; welcoming, yet again, another brand new season. We are excited to share with you recent blessings from the windier tropics of El Salvador.

At Envision we hope to steward as best we can what the Lord has entrusted us with, and He has been so good in providing us with new opportunities to learn and grow in our ministry.

Recently, our leadership team has been actively working with a local marketing advisor to devise new strategies for the growth of Envision Coffee. El Salvador is home to abundant coffee cultivation, we used this to our advantage by working with a local roaster to develop our own brand of coffee. We sell the coffee locally and use the proceeds to support our ministry. Envision coffee produces a quality cup of joe but more importantly helps diversify our funding so we can support more kids! We’ll leave links to its social media if you are interested in learning more.

Envision El Salvador’s staff is a multi-talented team of skilled individuals. Our project manager, Saul, pastors a local church in addition to fulfilling his role at Envision. Recently, he led the rest of our staff in a series of workshops on sermon building. These workshops have helped us grow in our understanding of God’s word and in our ability to communicate God’s word to the kids at La Fuente. Having a pastor on staff certainly has its benefits!

For many of us, this time of year is a time of thanks and celebration. In this spirit, we brought a bit of American tradition to El Salvador this past week by hosting a staff Thanksgiving dinner. It was a special time of shared culture as we thanked God over a delicious meal. The celebration was timely as our American staff recently increased from 2 to 3 with the arrival of our new Site Associate, Laura Rodriguez! Laura arrived in El Salvador on the 9th of November and is in the process of settling into her new apartment. She will continue her studies in an online immersive Spanish course until the new year arrives, at which point her new position at Envision El Salvador will officially begin. Praise God for the additional support Laura will bring to the team!

La Fuente San Salvador

The end of the school year is here. After a series of final exams and projects, many of our teens are asking prayer for their final grades. Help us lift them up!

This year we are excited to announce that 3 of our scholarship students will soon be graduates! We are incredibly proud of Julissa, Harold, and Carlos. They all studied extra hard and we are counting down the days with them!

While we look forward to celebrating this big accomplishment, we are also looking forward to closing our year with the kids in a fun way and true to the spirit of La Fuente. In the last update, we shared that we’ve been hosting a time for trivia during our weekly online devotionals. This has served as an avenue for fun and learning. We’re extending the challenge a bit further, and putting the kids to the test in a competition we have dubbed ‘the X-Games’! The kids have formed teams to face off in a series of spiritual and academic challenges. The competition started online but will conclude in a title crowning event held at a local beach. Stay tuned for the posting of the winning team on our Facebook or Instagram!

La Fuente Apopa

We are happy to announce the launch of a new La Fuente site! Programming for La Fuente Apopa started in mid October. The youth program has been modified to meet quarantine restrictions but is being held in person in 3 different neighborhoods of Apopa every week. By bringing the program into the neighborhoods of the kids, we have been able to reduce the gathering size and limit the distance of travel. Plus, it helps give us insight into their communities.

The program has brought in 60 kids, ranging in age from 3 to 16 years old. The large age span requires us to split the group up for tailored, age appropriate lessons. It’s hard work but also a lot of fun and we work with a talented group of volunteers from the Apopa Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

Current programming includes praise songs, a spiritual message, games or crafts, and a snack. We also recently added an English language class for the older kids. Programming will expand to include academic tutoring, music lessons, and sports in the upcoming months. It’s been such a blessing to see God expand our La Fuente family!

Ministry Opportunities

With growth comes the need for extra hands and hearts. Our site is looking for a couple or individual (or family!) who can come work with us to help lead La Fuente Apopa in mid 2021. Or if sports are more your interest, you could help guide our talented womens flag football team, The Mavericks. Both are a one year minimum commitment, self-funded positions, and offer the opportunity to help youth reach their full potential! Is God calling you? For more information, please email Tony at

Prayer Requests

-Pray for the La Fuente San Salvador students. That they would receive favorable marks on their exams and that they would have a restful holiday break. Pray for the La Fuente students who graduated. That God would give them clear direction and support for their next stage in life.

-Pray for La Fuente Apopa. That the program would have continued success and a smooth addition of new program topics.

-Pray for Envision Coffee. That doors would be opened for new business avenues and that it’s growth would provide opportunities to further God’s kingdom.

-Pray for Laura Rodriguez. Praise that she has successfully arrived in El Salvador. Pray that she would have a smooth transition back into life in San Salvador.

-Pray for the health and protection of Envision El Salvador staff and their families. Family members have passed due to COVID-19 and other family members are in the process of recovering.

We have much to be grateful for at Envision El Salvador. Thank you for your continued interest in the work God is carrying out here. The kids and all of our staff appreciate your support and prayers!

In Christ,

Envision El Salvador

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